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A group of authors organized to protect and promote the freedom to read on both the national and local levels.  Our aim is to create a network of authors to work in conjunction with a variety of national level organizations, as well as grass roots freedom-to-read organizations on a state-by-state level, for an effective, coordinated response against book bans and other threats to the freedom to read.


As the threat to the freedom to read escalates, it is time to organize authors and illustrators on so we can make a strategic effort to stop book bans wherever they are occurring, whether it is a challenge in a particular school district or legislation being introduced on a national, state, or local level.

Our aim is to band together to create:

– A framework for local organizing

– Coordination and “ban alert” information on a national level

– Strategic calls to action at local and national levels

– Partnerships with a variety of national organizations and grass-roots groups that support the freedom to read.

– Support and encouragement for the educators, librarians, parents, and students who are the first line of defense against censorship, and for the authors whose books are under attack.


We are Authors Against Book Bans. 

We stand united against the deeply unconstitutional movement to limit the freedom to read. We unequivocally support the availability of diverse voices on our library shelves, in our schools, and in our culture. We pledge to band together against the oppression of literature, to speak when our voices are silenced, to go where our bodies are needed, and to fight as one to ensure this freedom. Together, we shall be fearless.

Our concern is not only for the books themselves, but for the children, families, educators, librarians, and communities that suffer when the freedom to read is challenged and taken away. We abhor the bias of the current organized attempt to censor books in schools and libraries across our nation, particularly because of these efforts’ insidious targeting of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ stories, erasure of history, and silencing of voices that speak truthfully about essential human experiences. The great power of literature is its ability to create empathy, foster self-empowerment, imbue knowledge, and enhance diversity of thought. We will defend this power from those who seek to subvert it.

As authors and as members of our local and national communities, we pledge to protect the rights of all young people to access the books they need and and deserve.


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